Blog Intentions


Hello All!

I am N, a kaleidoscopic twenty-something-year-old with ten years’ experience working with children and an equal love for children and books. My career goal is to work in publishing or editing, preferably in Children’s or YA Literature. I fervently believe in the power of stories to form identities, cultivate imagination, provide knowledge, and improve quality of life. As a publisher/editor, I would be able to live my dream with a career that combines all my interests.  As a blogger, I aspire to further cultivate my own mind, hopefully connecting with and entertaining any readers in the meantime.

I’ve been advised by a professor of mine as well as acquaintances in my intended career circle that I ought to create a professional/nonpersonal online portfolio for my writing. And I’ve done that.However, on this blog, I shall attempt to re-ignite my creativity and vent my mind through the freedom of none of my professors taking a look here (at least, I highly doubt they will and sincerely hope they won’t). For by my evaluation, years of strict schooling have drained much of my originality.

The content will likely end up varying wildly; however, I know right now that some posts will be about  books, my life experiences, and dream journal-type posts as well. For now, let’s just say I’ll go with the flow, shall we?

Presently, I don’t know much about blogging, technology, or blogging technology, so your patience (and advice!) is welcome. ^_^



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