Sometimes I give good advice. I wish I could follow it…

Take slow, deep breaths. Even if the probability of failure is legitimate and non-hyperbolic, and you are making yourself anxious and stressing yourself out and you can’t stop that cycle, you are only dying metaphorically from it on the inside. You will not actually die because of it. You will have your F’s but regardless, after that deadline has passed, so too shall this. You will spend the time immediately after purging and forgetting as long as possible ‘til you must face the consequences, but it will be easier. Accept that you effed up on this one area, but move on and put it out of your mind so you can make sure to do what you can to not mess up what you can do in the now. Take those deep breaths. Empty the mind. Take a few minutes and utilize tabula rosa.

The time for lament and anguish should not have been just now. Do without thinking, suppress for now, and revisit later. You will thus give yourself a bit less anguish for later. Move on, and breathe.


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