Human “Helicopters”

You know what, I’m freaking tired of people thinking I haven’t thought through my plans, and that my experiences don’t count toward anything. I’m tired of them thinking that I don’t understand the responsibility of how much effort and what means I’ll have to use to get where I want to. I am tired of people supposedly giving me advice out of “good intentions” because they want me to know for sure about my plans so I don’t have to waste my time. I KNOW that maybe I’ll suck at this, and maybe I’ll have to change my plans, but I UNDERSTAND the risk of that.
I understand you supposedly mean well, but I thought the whole point of what has been preached to me is that I’ve got to start being responsible for myself. I can’t do that if people are basically telling me I can’t do things on my own.
If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. And though no one truly believes it, I CAN make it so they will not have to lose anything for their involvement. No time will be wasted, and it’s really THEIR time they’re concerned about.

This path that I want to pursue is the ultimate, singular, ONLY thing in my life outside of a few people that has ever given me true joy or shown me unconditional faith, or given me any hope that I can do something before I die that might mean an atom of a thing to anyone.
With all due respect, I still want to just request a big BUG OFF and let my life choices be MY business.


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