Voice Crushes

The Brain Radio refers to when a song (or multiple songs, or really strange medleys of songs) get stuck in my head. My own radio, more personalized than Pandora or Spotify could ever hope to become!

In the previous post, I mentioned I wish it were possible to marry voices. Because you see, often I don’t know much, if anything, about the person who has the voice. Or I do, but only the person they portray in public, you know? I don’t know these people personally, no matter how much they seem to share. Most of them, I do like as people from what I know about them. But I’m not a fan of “shipping” real people, you see. And what if the person and I are not compatible?

But the voices, mmm. That’s not a problem.
I know I’m forgetting many others right now. A lot of them belong singers or ASMRtists. I’ll make another post explaining and focusing on ASMR at a later date. For now, without further ado (in no particular order), my voice crushes:

Rob Thomas (of Matchbox 20)
Josh Ramsay (of Marianas Trench)
Mandy Moore
Alexander Rybak
Jesse McCartney
Bruno Mars

Gaelforce Audio
Obviously ASMR
WhispersRed ASMR
ScottishMurmurs ASMR
Heather Feather
Tony Bomboni
Andrew Quo


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