Rigor Mortis (5/20/15)

Upon waking up
My first thought-
All that I want
Is for you to come back to me
Lay here beside me
And wake up with me

But then I remember
It would be impossible
To hold you forever
Have you hold me forever
Hold each other forever

I cannot accomplish this
Even in dreams
Yet even so, in my heart it seems,
There I can
-cannot help-
But hold you

In this heart
that aches and contracts,
Because that is how a heart cries

In this heart
That quakes then slacks,
Because this is how a heart dies

but without end
So you see, I cannot pretend
Although it’s numbing I cannot rend
My heart to complete indifference

For it is in
-always in-
a state of Rigor Mortis


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