Sleep with Me TM (6/24/15)

I wish there was a service in place where you could put in a request and someone could come and sleep with you. I don’t mean prostitution, I mean like only and actual sleep.

Like a profile thing, and you’d input stuff about yourself like “kinda rolls around a lot. Starts on side but ends up on back.” And you could request things like “Doesn’t snore. Enjoys cuddling” or “no cuddling, can sleep with lights on or off” etc. You’d put in things like average bedtime and hours of sleep, if you take scheduled naps, and such things.

You’d be matched with someone and you could do like a trial run/getting to know you phase (in terms of if you guys are comfortably compatible to be unconscious together).
I dunno if this would work better more like a dating site or a rental site. If it were like a dating site it’d be nice because depending on the alignments of needs and wants, availability would match and there you go! On the other hand, rental-style would be better to ensure safety and professionalism; yet, if people are employees of an agency, availability would be limited. Perhaps if there were both options available, or some kind of hybridization I just haven’t thought of myself?

I know it’s a silly idea sprung from semi-withdrawal, but I just think it’d be so soothing to have a human presence nearby to sleep with me.
Or in my specific case, to wake up with me, but anyway.

Sov gott!


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