Sleep with Me TM (6/24/15)

I wish there was a service in place where you could put in a request and someone could come and sleep with you. I don’t mean prostitution, I mean like only and actual sleep.

Like a profile thing, and you’d input stuff about yourself like “kinda rolls around a lot. Starts on side but ends up on back.” And you could request things like “Doesn’t snore. Enjoys cuddling” or “no cuddling, can sleep with lights on or off” etc. You’d put in things like average bedtime and hours of sleep, if you take scheduled naps, and such things.

You’d be matched with someone and you could do like a trial run/getting to know you phase (in terms of if you guys are comfortably compatible to be unconscious together).
I dunno if this would work better more like a dating site or a rental site. If it were like a dating site it’d be nice because depending on the alignments of needs and wants, availability would match and there you go! On the other hand, rental-style would be better to ensure safety and professionalism; yet, if people are employees of an agency, availability would be limited. Perhaps if there were both options available, or some kind of hybridization I just haven’t thought of myself?

I know it’s a silly idea sprung from semi-withdrawal, but I just think it’d be so soothing to have a human presence nearby to sleep with me.
Or in my specific case, to wake up with me, but anyway.

Sov gott!


The Dream Recorder

I think it would be cool if there was some kind of way to record your dreams like you’d do with a show on T.V., and be able to transfer it to some kind of media device so you could watch them again.
With some kind of mechanism as well as a supreme guaranteed set of laws to make them  un-hackable, and nobody could use them against you. Then I think the dream recorder would be one of the nicest inventions.

Rigor Mortis (5/20/15)

Upon waking up
My first thought-
All that I want
Is for you to come back to me
Lay here beside me
And wake up with me

But then I remember
It would be impossible
To hold you forever
Have you hold me forever
Hold each other forever

I cannot accomplish this
Even in dreams
Yet even so, in my heart it seems,
There I can
-cannot help-
But hold you

In this heart
that aches and contracts,
Because that is how a heart cries

In this heart
That quakes then slacks,
Because this is how a heart dies

but without end
So you see, I cannot pretend
Although it’s numbing I cannot rend
My heart to complete indifference

For it is in
-always in-
a state of Rigor Mortis

Chicago (6/23.15)

I wish we could go to Chicago together
A rare place I’ve been that you haven’t (yet)

If I hadn’t hurt us as I did, by this time next year we might have…

I love the Chicago thunderstorms, the powerful rain and the wind and the wicked-looking lightning

And I want(ed) to watch and share your first experience, with the storms and the city itself; a treat for me because it’s always been the other way around, and most of all because I love you
(Though I don’t know and don’t know if I want to know what you thought/think about that lack in me)

While it stormed in the city, I wanted to share with you the storm inside me bearing your name, one as powerfulas that outside, show you the surge of energy and exaltation in creation and share that with you

And hopefully instead of destruction the brewing storm in me would transmit to you, become a two-way surge,

We’d become a circuit and the electricity you brew in me would manifest-
(It might shock you at first but I was Static and you like to feel electric)
-paying homage to Zeus, Poseidon and Lady Aphrodite

Chicago is the one full dead daydream that I can remember, and I’m sad and glad I have it, because I can’t delude myself about any aspect of it,

Even if I wanted to, since I have lost the ability and have neither hope nor reason for daydreaming nor dagdrøm fuel. I know in my head it’ll be better for us both, that I don’t do those things. In order to let you be, as I must

One day in this reality, when you finally get to the city of bricks and jazz and thunderstorms you will have an untainted place all your own, because you will never know (unless you find this, but then for your sake you may forget)
what I wanted to share with you in Chicago

Sometimes I give good advice. I wish I could follow it…

Take slow, deep breaths. Even if the probability of failure is legitimate and non-hyperbolic, and you are making yourself anxious and stressing yourself out and you can’t stop that cycle, you are only dying metaphorically from it on the inside. You will not actually die because of it. You will have your F’s but regardless, after that deadline has passed, so too shall this. You will spend the time immediately after purging and forgetting as long as possible ‘til you must face the consequences, but it will be easier. Accept that you effed up on this one area, but move on and put it out of your mind so you can make sure to do what you can to not mess up what you can do in the now. Take those deep breaths. Empty the mind. Take a few minutes and utilize tabula rosa.

The time for lament and anguish should not have been just now. Do without thinking, suppress for now, and revisit later. You will thus give yourself a bit less anguish for later. Move on, and breathe.